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Clutches / brakes

Hysteresis brakes, Hysteresis couplings

  • Contactless torque transmission
  • 4 scales
  • Nominal torque up to 38 Nm
  • Continuous adjustable torque
  • High slip power in continuous duty (up to max. 4000 W)


ZF Tiratron, i.e. the combination of break with the control electronics respectively coupling with control electronics enable both the exact regulation of tractions and also a defined adjustment of torques.

Exemplary application areas

Application possibilities for the ZF hysteresis technology are located everywhere, where products e.g. paper, wires in winding processes are processed. On dynamometers or in ergometers burdens can be simulated with Tiratron.

Contactless torque transmission
The break or coupling transfuses the continuous adjustable torque contact less across air gaps, consequently constant and wearless. No maintenance required.

Continuous adjustable torque
The break torque and respectively the assignable moment only depends on power. It’s as far as possible independent from speed and is constant available from the deadlock to maximal torque.

High slip power in continuous duty, overload capability 
The breaks of the power optimized series absorb high continuous slip powers. A momentary overload is therefore also possible.

The system, 
consisting of break and coupling and universally applicable control electronics, bids pre-assembled solutions to many applications.

The function of hysteresis breaks and couplings is due to magnetic action of force of gravitating poles in the synchronisation and constant unmagnetized of a constant magnetic material in the slip handling.

ZF Single disc friction system


Electro magnetic used single disc couplings and breaks are used for automation of mechanic working ways in the production of machines and apparatuses due to their simple design and their advantageous outside scales, e.g. for textile machines, packaging machines, printing and paper machines, machine tools and welding machines, bureau machines u.a.m. (?). The single disc couplings and breaks are used e.g. for switching of torque and speed stages, for controlling of trajectories with positioning or for disengaging of machines with blockage.

Assembly and Effectiveness
The couplings and breaks are without abrasive ring and with low maintenance. From special advantage the double magnetic ampere turns of the anchor plate, where the action of force of the magnetic field is used double. Thereby big torques are achieved at small outside scales and the big passage. Both frictions surfaces consist of metal. Through the missing of the else wise normal for single disc couplings organic friction linings these couplings are especially environment friendly. They are applicable for dry and wet use. The couplings and breaks reach their nominal torque after a short come in or few circuits under the rotational speed difference (see Chapter 4.1. handling general advice). They are callous in the dry handling against exiguous contamination through oil and fat. The torque gets radial backlash free transmitted through a diaphragm spring which is frontal connected with 3 respectively 6 points with the anchor plate and which is affixed with the analogue with 3 screws.